Greenlight 2015 is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works collaboratively and creatively with communities across the globe to help improve conditions of the environment and the people of the world's impoverished communities. Greenlight 2015 employs innovative problem-solving and ideation practices. Through the development of creative solutions and ideas, Greenlight 2015 actively pursues positive, global change to contribute to the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals of 2015.

Photo taken by Cameron KarstenPhoto taken by Monica Samec

Greenlight 2015 is currently working with several fishing villages in West Africa to find ways to improve their health, economy and environment. In these villages, the livelihood of many fishing communities is threatened by water pollution, destruction of mangrove forests (breeding grounds for fish), ineffective or environmentally unfriendly fishing techniques and poor fish preservation techniques. It is agreed that improving fish preservation methods, particularly the tools used in fish smoking, is a good place to start in increasing productivity of the artisanal fisheries industry.

So, we are working to find ways to improve the current fish preservation techniques used by these communities; borrowing from other fish preservation techniques proven successful in similar communities and introducing new ideas that we test and confirm to be efficacious. Every idea we offer will integrate thoughtful innovation, cultural sensitivity, and scientific sensibility.

Our first project will be the introduction of an improved fish smoker known as the Chorkor Smoker to one of these West African fishing villages. The Chorkor Smoker, a simple but appropriate technology, can make a remarkable impact on the health, economy and environment for the people of these villages.

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